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È un mix di creatività e conoscenza tecnica.

Nel 1998 ha lavorato in studi pubblicitari come libera professionista della Finisher Art. Nel 1999 si laurea in Arte e Design presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bahia Brasile. In Italia – 2003 ha studiato Restauro di superfici architettoniche decorate e ha lavorato per 10 anni come restauratrice in chiese e ville private in Italia, quindi è stata invitata al Museo Nazionale di Azulejos a Lisbona.

Nel 2014 ha conseguito il Master in Pianificazione e conservazione del giardino e del paesaggio presso Minoprio-Polimi Milano.


Is a mix of creativity and technical knowledge.

In 1998 she worked at advertising studies as a freelancer of Finisher Art. In 1999 graduated in Art and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bahia Brasile. In Italy – 2003 she studied Restoration of Decorated Architectural Surfaces and worked for 10 years as a restorer in churches and private villas in Italy then was invited at the National Museum of Azulejos in Lisbon.

In 2014 she obtained the Master in Planning and Preservation of Garden and Landscape at Minoprio-Polimi Milan.

​“I firmly believe that artisanal craftsmanship and invention – another word for design – have to coexist.” For me imagining and creating happen close by: they are the natural reaction to an idea. Each one of my pieces are handmade and their design strives for simplicity, I don’t want to impose myself on space or medium, but listen to them.
My research spaces from the purity of ancient techniques to the exciting possibilities of new materials.

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2014  DELIVERED BY Marie Claire Maison – Exposition Flora et Decora
2014  DELIVERED BY Orticolario and Horticulture Association for the best product ” FOSSILIUM Plants “
2015  PUBLICATION of a specialized magazine Gardenia – june n° 374 – pgs 39|40
2017  DELIVERED BY Orticolario or the best product ” Through the trees “


Latest Exhibitions

2018 Giardina Zurigo
 2018 Jardins Jardin Paris


Intervention  for conservation

Some architectural restoration works :
2011 – 2013  Restoration of the Church of Saints Thomas and Andrew in Pontevico Italy
2007 – 2008  Restoration of the Church in Fasano Italy
2007 Restoration of Palazzo Boschi in Bedizzole  Italy
2005 – 2007 Restoration of Palazzo Monti in Montichiari (BS, Italy).
2005 Restoration of the Church of Nuvolera (BS, Italy).
2004 Restoration and conservation projects for the Church of St. Valentine in Breno, Church of the Assumption in Sestri Ponente (GE, Italy), and the Old Convent of Chieri (TO, Italy).
2003 Restoration and conservation project (archaeological focus) at the National Museum of Azulejos in Lisbon, Portugal.
2002 Restoration of the Church of the Nativity of Mary in Calcinato (BS, Italy) and restoration of paintings in Calcinato (BS, Italy).
2001 Restoration of Villa Giovannelli in Noventa Padovana (PD, Italy).
2001 Restoration of a building in Via Maqueda, Palermo (SI, Italy).
Garden Recovery project
2014 – 2015  Project to rehabilitate and conserve the historic gardens of the villas in Mincio Regional Park (Italy). _Private house. I have to put together the stories, the CONCEPTS “conceive” the RESPECT – Environmental protection.